• Dec 07, 2022 | Satrec Initiative SI presented at 「Australia-Korea Space Workshop」, Australia SI presented on "Cooperation on Earth Observation Satellites" at 「Australia-Korea Space Workshop」, Australia. We are pleased to take part in a meaningful workshop to strengthen comprehensive and strategic partnerships by promising cooperation in the space industry between Korea and Australia.#SatrecInitiative #EarthObservation #sensingtointelligence #AKSW Read More
  • Oct 20, 2022 | Satrec Initiative Singapore Space Symposium 2022 Eugene D. Kim, Vice President of Satrec Initiative is invited as a speaker for Singapore Space Symposium 2022.He is going to introduce conventional and disruptive technologies being developed at SI group.· Topic : Satrec Initiative’s Passion: Earth Observation· Date : 21st October, 2022· Time : 3:45pm ~ 4:00pm (15")· Info : #SingaporeSpaceSymposium #SatrecInitiative #EarthObservation #sensingtointelligence #disruptivetechnologies #passion Read More
  • Oct 04, 2022 | Satrec Initiative WORLD SPACE WEEK 2022 “Space and Sustainability”!  SI celebrates World Space Week 2022 “Space and Sustainability”!   #WSW2022 #WorldSpaceWeek #SPACEANDSUSTAINABILITY#EarthObservation #sensingtointelligence #SatrecInitiative Read More
  • Sep 27, 2022 | Satrec Initiative Eugene D. Kim, VP of SI, speaking at Space Forum France-Korea We were delighted to participate in the 4th Space Forum France-Korea at CNES Headquarters in Paris, September 23.Taegyun Jeon, CEO of SI Analytics, introduced our AI-native GEOINT solutions in the "Roundtable - Space Data & Downstream Applications" session.Eugene D. Kim, VP of SI, spoke about our past and future contributions in the "Protecting the Earth from space - Earth Observation Programs & Technologies in Korea and in Europe" session.#SpaceForum#Paris#France#satellite#EarthObservation#SensingtoIntelligence#SatrecInitiative Read More
  • Sep 19, 2022 | Satrec Initiative Representatives of SI attending IAC 2022 Paris We are pleased to be attending IAC 2022 in Paris, the beautiful city of France.Feel free to stop by our booth at K14, around Bloc 2.Our representatives are looking forward to meeting you all to talk about our plans for satellite-based GEOINT and discuss future possibilities ahead.#IAC2022 #SapceForAll #EarthObservation #SensingtoIntelligence #SatrecInitiative #SIImaging #SIAnalytics Read More
  • Sep 16, 2022 | Satrec Initiative Taegyun Jeon, CEO & Co-Founder of SI Analytics, speaking at WSBW SI Analytics' CEO, Taegyun Jeon is in Paris for World Satellite Business Week 2022, where he just finished speaking successfully at "The AI revolution: from Data to Intelligence".At the session, he shared insights and passions for AI business based on satellite data with other analytics leaders such as Orbital Insight and Ursa Space. Read More
  • Sep 13, 2022 | IAC 2022 SI will be attending IAC 2022 in Paris, France 18-22 September We are excited to announce that SI will be attending IAC 2022 in Paris, France 18-22 September. Our booth will be at K14, nearby Bloc 2. Visit us to learn about our plans for GEOINT solutions based on Satellite.     #IAC2022 #SapceForAll #EarthObservation #SensingtoIntelligence #SatrecInitiative #SIImaging #SIAnalytics   Read More
  • Sep 06, 2022 | Satrec Initiative Taegyun Jeon, CEO & Co-Founder of SI Analytics, is speaking at WSBW SI group - SI, SI Imaging Services, and SI Analytics - will be back in World Satellite Business Week 2022. We're so happy to discuss our passion again - Earth Observation Business. Don't miss "The AI revolution: from Data to Intelligence" session where Taegyun Jeon, CEO of SI Analytics, will be speaking with other world-class analytics companies.   #SI #SIIS #SIA #WSBW #EarthObservationBusiness #AI #Sensing2Intelligence       Read More
  • Apr 11, 2022 | FIDAE 2022 Satrec Initiative speaks at FIDAE 2022 Satrec Initiative was pleased to share it's story and it's thoughts of the space industry to the Latin American audience at the Space Summit of this year's FIDAE 2022. Read More
  • Nov 15, 2021 | SATNEWS SI Imaging Services Partners To Track Gases With GHGSat SI Imaging Services (SIIS) has begun a collaborative partnership with GHGSat, a Canadian satellite company specializing in greenhouse gas monitoring from space. Effective June 16th, 2021, SI Imaging Services began acting as GHGSat’s first reseller within South Korea and East Asia. The partnership’s main objective is to provide remote-sensing data of methane emissions in South Korea. Read More
  • Oct 27, 2021 | SpaceNews US-South Korea joint space drills to focus on space situational awareness   South Korea’s Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) recently signed a $13.9 million contract with Satrec Initiative to develop a space weather forecast system. Once developed, the system will help prevent satellites, high-altitude surveillance drones, and guided weapons systems from malfunctioning due to disruptions that space weather conditions could cause in GPS signals, according to DAPA.   Read More
  • Aug 19, 2021 | SpaceNews Satrec Initiative to build constellation of high-resolution Earth observation satellites We announced our plans of launching the first 30cm resolution very very high-resolution (VVHR) satellite called SpaceEye-T by the first quarter of 2024. Read More