SI has two sites located in Daejeon - the city of science & technology, 140km south of Seoul, Korea. Two sites are the homes of SI’s advanced technologies and innovation. Our facilities include:

  • Electronics Module Assembly Lab
  • Attitude Sensor Calibration Lab
  • EO Payload Lab
  • Satellite AIT Lab
  • Thermal Cycling Test Lab

Other Facilities
  • Composite Parts Manufacturing Factory
  • Electronics Module Test Lab

SI is located at a 15-minute drive distance from the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI), which leads the Korean Government space development program. Our satellites and space components are qualified using KARI's cutting-edge test facilities.

Space Test Center
  • Assembly & Precision alignment Test Lab
  • Launch Environment Test Lab
  • Orbit Environment Test Lab
  • Electromagnetic Wave Environment Test Lab
  • Electric Device Verification Lab
  • EO Payload Lab EO payload manufacturing
    SI Jeonmin R&D Complex

  • Electronics Module Assembly Lab Electronics module manufacturing
    SI Jeonmin R&D Complex

  • Attitude Sensor Calibration Lab Attitude sensor calibarion
    SI Jeonmin R&D Complex

  • Composite Parts Manufacturing Factory CFRP structure manufacturing
    SI Moonji R&D Complex

  • Satellite AIT Lab Satellite Assembly, Integration, and Test
    SI Jeonmin R&D Complex

  • Launch Environment Test Lab Vibration test
    KARI Space Test Center

  • Launch Environment Test Lab Acoustic test
    KARI Space Test Center

  • Orbit Environment Test Lab Thermal vacuum test
    KARI Space Test Center