Defense Products

SI is a field-proven manufacturer of robust mobile ground systems for military applications. SI's defense product line includes mobile ground systems for Korean Government satellites and for Korean Military UAVs. SMUDI is a secure multi-function platform for satellite/aerial image display ideal for defense use.

Mobile Ground Receiving Processing System

  • Mobile ground receiving processing system for EO/IR satellites
  • Mobile ground receiving processing system for SAR satellites
  • Movable antenna, trailer, shelter, and support equipment
  • Image receiving, processing, and analysis

UAV Ground Control System

  • Mission Planning
  • EO/IR Payload control and Image Analysis
  • Flight control
  • Built-in-test for LRU failures
  • Take-off and landing control
  • Debriefing


Secure Satellite Imaging Platform

  • Satellite/Aerial Image Fast Display
  • 2D/3D Terrain and Image Display
  • 2D/3D Simulation
  • Image Analysis
  • 2D/3D Engine and Server Equipment
  • Mobile Satellite Ground station

  • UAV Ground Control Systems

  • UAV Operation Control Systems

  • UAV Payload Control Software